Top 5 Current Obsessions

Top 5 Current Obsessions
  1. Vending machines. This one seems like a weird thing to be obsessed with but they are just so cool. Like I give a machine my money and it drops me a snack, like that’s so nice. I even have a little lego vending machine. I think this started when I went and bought a snack from my school’s vending machine and the vending machine (that’s super high-tech) at Surfside Bowling where I got a peach Sunkist soda. 


  1. Fruity sodas. I don’t like soda, but it’s growing on me. I like what they look like and they are always so pretty. I don’t like carbonation so what i do sometimes is i open a bottle of soda then leave it out. Sonic has a lot of fruity soda options. 


  1. Sonic. Last week my friends and I went to Sonic in formal wear and people were looking at us funny and it was so exciting. I have been starting to like their food more but only as a snack and not as a full meal. Plus they have plenty of fruity sodas like sprite with strawberry and ocean water. 


  1. asmr. I love the visuals, I love the clicky sounds, I love it all. It’s so calming. The other day, I fell asleep and took an hour nap while watching asmr. 


  1. Buncha crunch. Best candy ever. It’s like a crunch bar but it’s in little pieces. I don’t know where the obsession resonated but I remember only finding it at the dollar tree, but I have found it in other places. I think you should try it, it’s life changing.