Charles Darwin’s Notebooks returned after 20 Years


These notebooks were hidden just like that flamingo found in Texas.

On Tuesday, notebooks, which belonged to Charles Darwin, were finally returned to Cambridge University.

The notebooks were stolen from Cambridge in 2001 by someone who has not been found yet. The notebooks contained notes by Darwin and the famous sketch of the “tree of life.”

Jessica Gardiner, the director of library services, says, “The notebooks can now retake their rightful place alongside the rest of the Darwin Archive at Cambridge.”

An unknown person returned the notes in a pink bag inside the Cambridge library. Additionally, a note was inside of the bag that wished the librarian who found the bag a “happy easter.”

The note read, “Librarian Happy Easter X.”

Authorities have said that the investigation into who stole the notebooks is ongoing. The police have asked people who know the culprit to come forward.

Police say, “We also renew our appeal for anyone with information about the case to contact us.”