Knocked Out


Camera down the throat…..

I had to go to MUSC Children’s hospital yesterday for an endoscopy. 

I have been having stomach problems since November and nobody knew what was wrong. Yesterday hopefully was the change of all of that.

Maddie Stevens says, “ I really hope they can figure out what’s wrong with Cam’s stomach because I know it causes her a lot of discomfort.”

Yesterday was a very interesting experience I got put to sleep for the first time and I was very loopy and tired after. I dont really remember much from after when I woke up because I was still under anesthesia. The videos are very funny.

Tanya Coats (my mom) says, “Camryn was out of it, she doesn’t really remember much from when we walked in during recovery.”

The doctor took 5 different little pieces from my stomach lining to test so hopefully, they will figure out what’s wrong soon!!