A Knife Was Found in a Baby’s Car Seat


Getty Images

A 3 month old baby sitting in a carseat in the backseat of an auto.

A knife was found inside a baby’s car seat in Boston.

On Tuesday, March 29th, a knife was found in a baby’s car seat at an airport in Boston. It was wedged into the side of the seat.

In a Twitter post, TSA New England said, “We love babies … but not butcher knives!”

The knife was 10 inches long. The mother gave no response but the knife was confiscated from them. TSA had to remind people to store their knives in a checked bag, and not in your baby’s car seat.

In the same tweet, the TSA said, “Pack your knives properly in your checked bag and you’re good to go.”

After the knife was removed from the seat, they were able to rescan the seat and let the woman and her baby on their flight to Atlanta. No one was arrested.

“It’s not clear why the passenger needed a knife,” said a TSA spokesperson.