Top 5 Best Deserts

Top 5 Best Deserts

The best deserts are brownies, mochi, frozen yogurt, cookies, and cake.


#5. I put cake as number 5 for the best dessert because it is good but sometimes the icing can be a lot on a cake. So it is not my top pick for deserts.


#4. Cookies are ranked number 4 because everyone loves cookies. You can not go wrong with cookies for a desert.


#3. Frozen yogurt is ranked number 3.  It is ranked number 3 because there are so many flavors of it. There is vomiting for everybody to like.


#2. I ranked mochi number 2 because I love it. My favorite flavor of mochi is chocolate. I like it because it is different from regular ice cream but is still so good.


#1. Brownies are ranked number 1 because they are easy to make and you can eat them fresh. Brownies are so good and can even eat it in ice cream and they are ten times better.