About my Gma <3


Frunda Owens is my grandma’s biological name but I always called her Grandma Jamaica because she is Jamaican. She was born on March 11, 1972, which makes her 50 years old. Don’t tell her I told you that though. 

My Grandma had my mom when she was 16 on June 6, 1988. My GMA is a tough woman. Going out in public people always think that she is my mom or my sister. My Gma is a beautiful lady.

Her favorite foods are Seafood and Steak but she loves to snack on anything gummy, like jellies and sour patch kids and just gum in general. She also likes chocolate, especially Reese’s eggs. 

She had a cat named Rexxy that I grew up with, which passed away a while ago but now she has a new cat named Lou Belle, or just Lou for short.

She and my Grandpa have been together since I was little I can’t really estimate how long, but quite a long time. They are married but they got eloped so they didn’t have a wedding.

My grandparents for a nickname always called me “Pickle” because all the time growing up I would always ask for pickles, and when I say all the time I mean all the time, and they would always give me a pickle. 

My grandma also REALLY likes plants, like you can walk into her house and there would be plants everywhere, and they’re all healthy. She also has a garden in her backyard with a lot of plants but also things like vegetables and Peppers so she and my grandpa can make homemade hot sauce, which is amazing by the way. She also has a little Kazeebo in her backyard that she goes in to sit in every day and listens to music. Her aspiration for plants inspired my aspiration for plants, which is mainly the reason I want to be a botanist or work with nature and is also why both of our favorite colors are Green.

Some funny things that my grandma says are:

  • “Haters are the Help and we don’t argue with the help.”
  • “Want me to drop a bow (Elbow) on them.”