Magnetic Turd!!


Scientists have created a moving, shape-shifting magnetic slime.


Dr. Mengmeng Sun, A researcher from Chinese University of Hong Kong, created this strange looking goo that is able to go into tight spaces, circle around smaller objects, and can heal itself. goof


“It looks like poop. It moves like poop. It is poop, just with magnitivitic powers,” says Jaden McBride. 


The goo has caught the media’s attention and lots of people are comparing it to Flubber, the eponymous substance from the 1997 sci-fi movie. It’s been described as a “magnetic turd” and “amazing and a tiny bit terrifying”.


“The slime reminds me of the tiny little robot pieces in the movie Big Hero 6,” says Kayla Thompson.


The substance has tiny magnetic particles and it could act as a solid or a liquid. It can also conduct electricity. Scientists believe that it could possibly be helpful in the digestive system, like removing a swallowed battery.


“It looks rather disgusting but it’s exciting that it can be used for health and practical purposes,” says Mr. Moore.