Tropical Smoothie!!

Tropical Smoothie!!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is the perfect mix of refreshing, filling, thirst-quenching and a flavorful treat!

Tropical Smoothie is a restaurant franchise in the United States that sells a variety of smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, and flatbreads. 

Their menu shows off bold flavors along with many seasonal smoothie specials. They also offer a protein section add-on that can easily be incorporated into a classic fruit-fresh ingredient based smoothie.

“I love the Kiwi Quencher from Tropical Smoothie, it’s the perfect mix of sweet and tropical and is perfect for a beach day treat!” says smoothie lover, Maddie Stevens.

Something that separates TRopical Smoothie apart from other smoothie franchises is its speciality seasonal flavors. The by far best seasonal smoothie is the Dragonfruit. It’s perfect in every aspect but is only available around May-Juneish. 

Another fan favorite is the valentines themed-Chocolate Strawberry which is available in the month of February.

My personal go to or any time of year is the Bahama Mama, a mixture of pineapple, strawberries, shredded coconut, white chocolate chips, and milk!