Swedish Company finds an Environmentally Friendly way to make Steel


A steel company in Sweden has found an environmentally friendly way to make steel

Originally starting in 2016, a company found a way to make steel by using hydrogen instead of coal. However, it wasn’t only one company that decided to do this, it was a joint venture between multiple Swedish companies.

Mikael Nordlander, Vattenfall’s head industry decarbonization, says, “The cost of renewable energy, fossil-free energy, had come down dramatically.”

The company was able to make its first delivery of environmentally friendly steel last year. The steel was sent to carmakers in Europe and China.

Kerstin Enochsson, head of procurement, says, “Tackling only the tailpipe emissions by being an electric company is not enough. We need to focus on the car itself, as well.”

Demand for this steel has been going up due to other large car manufacturing companies taking notice. The Swedish companies hope that the process of making green steel will replace the original coal method.

We realized that we might have a chance now to outcompete the direct use of fossil fuels in industry with this electricity coming from fossil-free sources,” says Mikael