Coah K’s Retiring

Coah Ks Retiring

As Mike Krzyzewski limped off the Superdome court at 10:07 local time Saturday night, he clasped the left hand of his wife, Mickie, with his right hand.

As they reached the threshold where the exit of the arena floor ends and the tunnel to the locker room begins, Krzyzewski broke stride. He stopped to console freshman guard Trevor Keels, hugging the Duke star freshman as he wept.

That moment unfolded in front of a Final Four mural painted on the wall that provided the backdrop of both the scene and the night for Duke and Krzyzewski: The Road Ends Here.Krzyzewski’s final loss as Duke’s head coach sent him into retirement with a thunderclap that somehow combined both the end of Krzyzewski’s Hall of Fame career with one of the best Final Four games the sport has ever seen.

The looming history, stakes and tension from Duke bowing to rival North Carolina 81-77 all converged for one of the most compelling showcases the sport has ever seen.