Man Gets 90 COVID Vaccines


A 60 year old man got 90 COVID-19 shots in Germany in order to sell fake vaccine cards.

A German Man, not named, was caught in Saxony after he showed up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine two days in a row. It was later revealed that he has gotten 90 shots of the vaccine.

“Bro save some for the rest of us,” says Graham.

He got these 90 shots in order to sell fake vaccine cards for people. Since some places require a vaccine card, some people might not want to get the vaccine so they pay him to get it for them.

“That’s really crazy,” says Josh.

The selling of fake vaccination cards could be a problem in the future. Many people would rather not get vaccinated and if people purchase fake cards then it could lead to spreading of COVID-19 in places where it is vaccinated only.

The dpa said in a report, “The suspect wasn’t detained but is under investigation for unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and document forgery.”