Seal chased down by police


A Wayward seal was caught after a nice, long morning stroll through a Long Island, New York, town.

Until suddenly there was a call to police in Southampton at around 6:30 am, from a person who says they saw the wandering “Thing”, later identified as a Phocid, or an earless seal in the parking lot of a Beverage store, about 500 feet from the nearest river called the Peconic River in Riverhead. Most likely having a nice cold beverage. Police Sergeant Jim Cavanagh told CNN…

  • “What we believe happened is that the seal swam up the Potomac River, probably behind a big school of alewife fish,” Cavanagh explained. “

When the seal saw the officers he fled southwest near a motel but was eventually captured and taken into custody. The seal was probably underage and too young to be at that beverage store.

According to police, the seal was handed over to the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation for evaluation.

  • “It is crazy how this all happened. I can’t imagine seeing a seal in a parking lot.” -Adamariz Son 
  • “The animal is in good condition,” Montello said. “We just think he wandered a little too far from the beach. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get him back to the beach as soon as possible.”