DMV and Senate Pushing For Limits To Horry County Schools Parking Lots


The Department of Motor Vehicles and the Horry County school district have been given authority to make policies regarding what can enter school lots. Senator TIm Scott and Lindsey Graham both voted in agreement for this to take place.

Vehicles that are considered ‘squatted’ can no longer park on school grounds. The Carolina Squat is already facing being completely outlawed by Congress in the state. This is a step closer to that happening because now any students who are owners of squatted vehicles can not park whatsoever on school grounds.

Lindsey Graham stated in his speech last night, “Citizens of this county have been having to deal with the dangerous eye sore we know as squatted vehicles. These modifications are endangering both the driver and others using our highways. This is a historical step into prohibiting these vehicles collectively.”

Another modification being threatened by this new policy coming to the school parking lots are vehicles with window tints that allow less than 25 percent of light through.

“Tints cause driver visibility to drastically decrease and are even more dangerous at night. Automobiles with these features shouldn’t be on our roads, let alone near facilities intended for education,” is what Senator Tim Scott declared.

The third most important vehicle modification being targeted is light fixtures that are deemed distracting to drivers. These include LEDs, integrated floodlights, altered headlights, etc.

“Nobody trying to complete a commute on South Carolina’s highways should have to overcome the adversity of looking head on into distracting headlights. It takes around 4 seconds to crash while being distracted, so taking a glance at vehicles with any distracting lights at all could be the fault of road fatalities that are beyond preventable. We shouldn’t be having to limit these modifications but we take pride in making our roads safer for all,” Tim Scott said in the closing of the speech last night.