Recently Commited To Clemson Cheer: Maddie Stevens!!


15-year old Maddie Stevens, 3 year St. James Varsity Cheerleader recently committed to Clemson Cheer.

As many heard from Pennell’s recent morning announcements; Maddie Stevens is the first freshman to be officially committed to a D1 College cheer program. Her whole shark family is so beyond proud of her accomplishments at such a young age!

“I am so honored and proud to come from such an amazing highschool full of love and support that continues to support my next journey as a tiger! I could not have done this without Coach Jessica and the support of my family and friends (Camryn and Lauren).” says Maddie Stevens herself.

Maddie plans to major in Nursing and minor in Psychology while pursuing her dream to cheer in Death Valley.

“I’m so proud of Maddie for all her accomplishments in such a short time at St. James Highschool. Just yesterday, it seemed like she was a first-day freshman who got lost on the way to my class! Regardless, it was an honor to have her as a student and I wish her the best of luck in her next chapter. Go Tigers!!” says Maddie’s newspaper production teacher, Mr. Moore.

Ever since she was 5-years old, Maddie has always dreamed of attending Clemson University and later extended her goals to cheer there, after her love of the sport sparked at age 12.

“Maddie is a very outspoken person when it comes to Clemson football and the school itself!” says Maddie’s teammate and best friend, Camryn Navey.