High Schools in HCS are going to be in school longer in days and hours


High Schools usually last 7 hour or sometimes even less than 7 hours.

According to the schools and staffing survey (SASS) the average school hours in the United States is 6.64 and 180 as the average number of days in the school year.

But According to a news website, “ High Schools in the Horry County district of South Carolina will no longer go to school for 7 hours since students don’t put enough effort in their school work and attendance”.

The quote also says, “Due to this issue, students will no longer have a summer break and spring break… this also includes the time each high school starts and ends”.

The issue about having school during summer break and spring break will not only affect students but as well as teachers and parents.

Especially since it is only for high schools in Horry county.

In the website News.com it says, “Horry county will extend school days which include summer break and spring break. Not only that but the Horry county board of Education said that school hours will be from 6am till 4pm starting in the 2023 school year and will be effective for 10 years”.

Brianna Guzman says, “This is so unfair for us high school students. Us sophomores have 2 more years of high school but we are going to spend those 2 years in classes that will probably last even longer since we will be in school for 10 hours per day”.

Tamya says, “I think this is super unfair, like I work hard enough, and barely get enough sleep as is, this also leaves the students no time to have lives of their own.”