A Rat!! Spotted at School


There is a giant rat that has been seen at St. James Highschool wandering around the halls. It’s been seen multiple times in the girls bathroom, but no one has caught it. Witnesses of this beast say that it is massive, but has good style?

“Omg Don’t U know savage, Killa nor Killa. Imma find the rat and catch it for SURe, this guy in a trench coat said he’ll give me candy if I do it so Imma be in the bathroom all year,” says Says. 

Maybe people are looking for this rat because someone is promising to give it to them… Candy? Some people believe there are actually multiple rats that live in a little comune in the walls of the school, always watching. Some even say the rat exclusively likes pop tarts and always shows some of itself for a piece. The rat seems to defy science by being so massive but fast at the same time. 

“Lookin back at what you’re saying behind my back doesn’t matter cause I’m a winner, strong believer. 24/4 scoring goals like a team player, executing all my shadows so they called me demon slayahhhhhhh. That song is so good.. What do you ask again? Oh um I swear I’ve seen the rat with a top hat, but maybe not because to me everyone is a top hat,” says bottom Hat

People say the rat is a blonde and it leaves a trail of crypals behind. Maybe this rat is good luck and is nothing bad. Some worship the rat saying it should be the school mascot. The worshipers have decided to name the rat E M I L Y. 

“Emily is so cute bro. I lowkey have a MASSIVE crush on it, but I don’t think it feels the same. It keeps saying it’s not ready for a relationship.. Its Whateveeeeeerrrrrrr I’m sure there more rats in the walls for me,” says The Creep


The rat is still in the walls hiding and watching…