Horry County Announces Ban on all Energy Drinks for the Month of April


Starting April 1st, Horry County will ban all sales of energy drinks for the entire month of April, out of respect for the victims of Caffeine Fever.


Caffeine Fever is an ailment that has been recently identified by the FDA as “highly susceptible, dangerous, and possibly lethal”. The disease attacks the brain’s ability to keep the human body awake, giving similar symptoms to Narcolepsy. People who consume more than 200 mg/ml of caffeine per day are the most susceptible to the disease. There have been 3285 cases in South Carolina alone. 


Sleep Disease Specialist, Dr. Rehd Bule says, “The disease is disappointing. I personally loved caffeine, but the effects of Caffeine Fever are far too dangerous just for my morning cup of coffee.”


The new disease is more common in adolescents, especially teens. Teens tend to consume about 32% more caffeine on average than adults 20 years or older. This is because of the teens’ need to fulfill their social lives, leaving them tired at many times of the day. 


“I love RedBulls and Monster drinks in the morning! I’m so upset about the ban, but I’ll be happy to buy my drinks again starting May 1st,” says 17-year-old Caffy Ein.


Hope may prevail, though. Researchers are looking into possible cures or suppressants for Caffeine Fever victims. New forms of energizing compounds are being tested, including Waykup and Inirgee. 


“These new chemical compounds may provide a sufficient replacement for America’s favorite energizer, caffeine. The more we research and test, the more we discover, which is hopeful,” says Natural Energy researcher Mon Stiẽr.