Funny April Fools Pranks

Some people go all out for April Fools.  I have never really done anything but some people love it.  

These pranks could be used for your siblings, relatives, spouse, or your close friend.

  1. Give them donut holes, but with dog food in them.  This is a very cruel prank but it sounds very funny.
  2. Create a fake email for those annoying subscriptions.  Make the subscription list anything you want and send an email every day about whatever your choice is.  If they block you just make a new one and send them more.
  3. Put nair in the conditioner.  If you don’t know what nair is, it is a pain free hair remover.  You put it on like you would with lotion and keep it on for at least 5 minutes and your hair will dissolve off.  Most people keep conditioner on their hair for 15-20 minutes so have fun! 
  4. Replace your roommates deodorant with cream cheese. 
  5. Mix crushed up peanuts and Nutella and place a little bit on your hand and ask someone for toilet paper, when they give it to you wipe it on them.