Unwelcomed Vistor

Unwelcomed Vistor

Earth has unexpected visitor last night 


As weird as it sounds, the world’s largest  invasion happened last night. 


In what looked like some kind of UFO’s was spotted over Great Britain just a little past nine last night.


Nini says,”Wow this is so crazy I can’t actually believe this is happening. Hopefully they don’t try to take over.”


They went straight to the North Pole and are now holding Santa as a hostage. We are told that he is currently asking them what they want for Christmas. 


Mia said, “No, not Santa they can’t hurt him, why would they take an old fat man.”


It turns out all they wanted to do was to see what earth looks like and to see what this Santa is all about. 


Jojos said “ Wow how rude of them next time they should just ask Santa for a visit or go see him in the malls like we all do.”