Camryn Navey is Healed!!


Varsity cheerleader at St.James High School, Camryn Navey, has been healed of her stomach illness!!

Camryn Navey has had some issues with her stomach since November 2021. It has been a very long journey for her and she is finally healed. 

After many visits to MUSC in Charleston, Camryn has finally overcome her illness and is now back and better than ever!

“I am so glad that I don’t have to keep going to MUSC anymore. Although I did love having an excuse to travel to Charleston and to leave school, I am so glad it’s all over” says Camryn. 

Camryn was supposed to get a endoscopy next week, but now she does need to. 

Camryn says, “I was not looking forward to that at all, I am so happy that I no longer have to get that done.” 

We are so glad that you are healed Cam!