All Student Must Move To Socastee


St. James disappeared on Friday and will be closed forever.

On Friday morning, St. James High School disappeared. No one is sure where the school went and everyone is confused. There is just a grass field where St. James once stood.

“About time,” says Vann Pennell.

The government is still processing the disappearance and will try their best to rebuild. Until then all St. James students must move to Socastee High School down the road. Not one person is excited.

“I am with the students of St. James during this tough time. I am praying for them during the very painful adjustment,” says the President of The United States.

In order for the move to work, half of the students must do online work. The students of St. James have already witnessed about 7 fights during their first day.

“I hope that St. James can be rebuilt soon.” said every single student.

There is about a 95% chance that the place where St. James once stood will be replaced by new houses.