Maddie Stevens is healed!!!


On April 1st Maddie Steven’s brain injury will go away!!

Maddie will be the smartest person ever and she will remember everything ever said!!

Maddie has had this brain injury since June and it just went away this morning. She is healed!! 

Lauren Steele says “Maddie has been so easy to talk to and she is understanding everything Ive said”

Maddie can hear perfectly fine now.

Her knees are also healed!! She can do her full without any pain or any mental block. 

She’s going to be able to run her mile without any headaches, aches, or breathing problems!!

Mr.Moore says “Maybe Maddie will be able to do her checkology now!!”

Maddie loved to blame everything on her brain injury but now she cant!!

She is going to miss her trips to the MUSC children’s hospital dearly though and all of her loving doctors….