Conflict continues and is leading to nuclear warfare.

Conflict continues and is leading to nuclear warfare.

Russian nuclear forces have been deployed in Ukraine and are set to fire in the next two days. 


Jon Jon says” I can’t believe it is getting to this, we are going to have to step in to stop Russia.”


Putin announced that nuclear weapons are in Ukraine at 1:30 eastern time. Citizens of Poland and Ukraine are now being evacuated to Spain, France, and the United Kingdom in case of fallout. 


Ukrainian citizen Alexandra Shevchenko says “ Putin needs to stop this, he is killing us, he is killing our families, these poor people have nowhere to go and don’t know when they will eat again. Putin ends this war, you evil man.”


Poland’s borders are packed with citizens from all over Europe just so people can get one last word with their family and friends because they don’t know if they will see them again or not. 


Reporter alan Caughman was on site at the polish border he says, “ This is terrible when you see these people’s eyes all you see is sadness and confusion, many food banks have been set up for all of these people and lots of people are donating, but we are working our hardest to get these people out of here in case of a nuclear attack, the press team is flying out tonight at 11:25 eastern time tonight we are trying to get as much information as possible before we leave. But this is truly heartbreaking.”