St. James Prom Cancelled!

St. James Prom Cancelled!

Prom canceled due to not enough shaparouns.


The St.James prom that was supposed to be held on April 1, will no longer be going on. We are short on shaparouns and it is too late to move forward and find people willing to shaparoun the prom.


“I am so mad they canceled prom. I was so excited to go and won’t be doing anything on my Friday night,” says Maia.


There will not be a reschedule of prom due the time we have left in school. Because of testing and spring break soon we will not have time this year.


“This is so aggravating because I have already bought my prom dress and made appointments for my hair and makeup,” says Maia.


We are still planning on having a prom next year as long as we continue to get shaparouns. St.James is so sorry about the late notice. We will also not be refounding already bought prom tickets. As we need this money for new football uniforms.


“I am going to cause a big problem if I do not get my refund back. That is 50 dollars gone that I could use for gas,” says Maia.