The biggest fight in school history!


The biggest fight in school history has happened!

A fight broke out in the SJH school cafeteria today during 4th block lunch. The fight started between two unknown subjects who began arguing over who got the Nachos.

  • “When I saw the fight I was like, OH (Bleep), What is that!, it was kind of Nasty what happened.”- Adamariz Son

The fight then continued into a physical altercation where they threw the nachos up and began to fistfight, Nachos flew everywhere and they began throwing hands.

  • “When I saw the food flying, I pulled out my phone camera, and said, I can get a lot of views for this video!”- Sara Dean.

Towards the end of the fight, the janitor came and cleaned up the nachos and the two subjects that were fighting.

  • “It was actually really gross. It lowkey made me not what to eat my food anymore.”- Anna Alvarez 

Turns out the two that were fighting were actually two huge roaches who were fighting over a Nacho, It looked like they were actually throwing hands. The janitor shortly after, diffused the situation by taking the nacho and squashing the roaches, eventually cleaning them up. 

I’m pretty sure St. James actually has a roach page so if you want to check that out it’s most likely on Instagram. Also, the video that Sara Dean posted is on youtube at Sara._.Dukes “Two Roaches Scrapping”.