Top 5 Prank Ideas

Top 5 Prank Ideas

#5 – fake cake. Making a cake out of a sponge or craft foam and decorate it like a regular cake. Make it pretty and cute and say happy birthday or congratulations. Then make someone try it and record their reaction. 

#4 – frozen cereal. If you have a sibling this would be so funny. Make a cereal bowl and freeze it. Pretend to be nice to your sibling and offer them a bowl of cereal and give them the frozen one. You gotta be slick and make sure they don’t realize that it’s frozen. 

#3 – sticky soap. This would be so funny. I just know that if someone does this to a family member they would be so mad. Put maple syrup or oil inside of a soap dispenser. So just replace the soap with syrup or oil and their hands will be so sticky or feel gross. 

#2 – cookies. Make some cookies with some finely chopped Very hot chilies. Put the cookies out but put a sign up that says “Do Not Eat – Very Hot”. That would be so funny. Just make sure no one is allergic or sensitive to spicy food because they can die. But it would be funny to watch. 

#1 – tattoo. If you’re going home to visit the family, get a realistic temporary tattoo and then sit them down and tell them that you have a really important announcement to make. I just thought this one would be funny but scary because if your hispanic most hispanic mothers hate tattoos so we would get in huge trouble if we showed up with a tattoo. Their reaction would be priceless though.