1. Faking your death, but doing a really poor job. Lay in the bathtub with some ketchup and see how people react to you dying. This one is kind of mean and I suggest doing it to someone who can take that type of humor. 
  2. Faking an animal’s death. Getting a fake animal plushie that looks similar to a pet that you have at home, plus some good acting and you can fool anyone.
  3. Fake pregnancy. This would just be really funny to do as a teenager to your mom. 
  4. Food dye as toothpaste. This would probably only work if the person you’re doing it to uses blue toothpaste, but either way that would be really funny. 
  5. Putting mac n cheese, cheese in the orange juice. This was suggested to me, but I think it is a great idea. Mix the cheese with some water and dang your potion is ready to poison.