top 5 pranks

top 5 pranks

Top 5 prank:


The caramel onion prank. This prank is about making a caramel apple on a stick but instead it’s an onion. When a person eats this, their face will turn into a cringe.


The cheesy orange prank. This prank is getting the macaroni and cheese powder out of the box. Then after that, you get water and the cheesy powder and mix it and tell the friend its orange juice. Let there face be disgusted by it


The toothpaste oreo trick. This trick is getting toothpaste and replacing the oreo cream. The friend will eat oreo with toothpaste thinking it’s the white stuff


The fake toilet paper prank. This prank is getting a roll of duct tape and putting it on a real small piece of toilet paper on it thinking it