Top 5 Pranks

Top 5 Pranks

1.would be baking cookies and putting something else in it while baking it. I would have this on my list because I think that it is a good idea.

2.putting a bucket of water over someone’s door and then when they open it, it falls on them. I think this is on my list because it’s funny and I think it’s easy.

3.make carmel onions and tell them it’s carmel apples.i think it would be funny because it looks exactly like carmel apples but when they bite into it they taste onion.

4.fake milk spill or soda or coffee. I think it would work because everyone will have a laugh about someone spilling something on it but it won’t actually.

5.change the deodorant stick to cream cheese because everyone use deodorant in the morning but there actually going to smell like cream cheese.

Try these out and tell me how it goes and maybe i might too.