Top 5 Pranks!

Top 5 Pranks!

Top 5 best pranks to do on April Fools.


#5. Changing your voice message to saying Hello and another hello so that the person thinks you answered the phone.


#4. Tell a friend to cut their palms down on a table and get a glass of water. Once you have a glass of water put it on both of their hands so they can’t move.


#3. Boil eggs and replace them with the pack of eggs in your fridge so when someone goes to crack it it won’t.


#2. Getting a piece of tape and putting it on the nozzle of your kitchen sink. Leave a gap in the front so when someone goes to turn on the sink it sprays on them.


#1. Getting a sponge and decorating it as a cake so when someone tries to cut it is rough.