Top 5 Prank Ideas that I Have Done

Top 5 Prank Ideas that I Have Done
  • My number 5 top prank idea is the “Shaving cream and Feather” prank.

I had this happen to me once and I have done this to someone once, and honestly, it’s so funny until it happens to you. The prank is you put shaving cream on the hand of someone who is sleeping and you tickle their face so they put the shaving cream on their face without knowledge. Honestly, if you’re like me and you’re a light sleeper then it kind on irritates you, but it’s kind of funny.

  • My number 4 top prank idea is the “Head in a Jar” prank

This is more of a Halloween prank, it takes a lot of preparation, but basically, you print out a picture of a cramped head and you put it in an empty jar that it will fit in, and then you put it back in the refrigerator. This prank is not really that believable but if you live with gullible people like me then it’s kind of easy, and funny.

  • My number 3 top prank idea is the “Tiny baby” prank. 

This prank is so random, the whole concept of the prank is that you get these “Tiny Baby dolls” id you know what I’m talking about then you know, but after you get the tiny baby dolls you put them in random spots and you wait to see who notices. It’s not really a prank but it’s funny nonetheless.

  • My number 2 top prank idea is the “Snake is the bed” prank.

I did this to my mom and she accidentally fell off the bed…I felt bad but it was so funny, then I got in trouble. But anyway, I just had a random fake snake, It looked pretty realistic from far away and I put it in her bed while she was sleeping. I actually forgot it was in her bed until she said something, but it was actually very funny, not her falling off the bed though.

  • My number 1 top prank idea is the “Playdough-Gum” prank.

I don’t advise people to do this prank but it is really funny, if you are tired of people stealing your gum or if you are tired of giving your gum away this prank will make people not want to take gum from you anymore. So basically you cut a piece of Playdough out to look like a piece of gum and you put it in an empty gum wrapper, and you wrap it back up, then you give it to someone and see their reaction.