Art :)


Traditional art is better than digital art because it’s more accessible, more satisfying, and more versatile. 

Some people are unable to buy the table meant to make digital art and when you’re unaware about this area of art, knowing the best thing to buy may be difficult. It is easier to just grade a paper and pencil and draw and on average a sketch costs 15-20 dollars when a tablet can cost up to 100 dollars. 

“Traditional art is so much easier to do adn access people like street art,” says Ashylee 

The feeling of the pencil against the paper is unmatched. Feeling the texture of your work and the pressure you create in your hand is something you can only do with traditional art. With traditional art there are also more ways to test for skills when it comes to color blending and shading. Compared to digital, traditional has more of a trial and error process which makes finishing your work even more satisfying. 

“It is more satisfying to do it by hand on paper,” says Allie. “Yes you can create texture and there’s more variety instead of digital that is already there to use.”

With traditional are you able to exprencement with more mediums to help you find the style of art you like to create more. You can change the size of your piece and the option for different size canvases. With digital you couple to the same, but it is hard to compare to the test of talent dealing with a small or large area for art. 

“With digital art everything is already there so its easier, but I can say it isn’t the same as traditional art when it comes to the feeling of creating art,” says Haylie 

Some may say digital art is easier and it’s not as much of a mess. You can travel easily with digital art and digital performs better on social media than traditional art. These are valid points, but tradition is better for starts and career in and and it’s held at and higher respect in schools. Some may say that doing digital art means you aren’t talented, I disagree with this. I think that all art is art no matter what, but traditional art is dying very though is the better of the two.