Escaped Flamingo Finally Caught After Seventeen Years


This flamingo thought that it wouldn’t be found, but it wasn’t as hidden as it thought it was.

Originally from a Kansas zoo, this escaped flamingo was found this month off the coast of Texas.

The flamingo that was found escaped from the Kansas zoo seventeen years ago due to a storm. The flamingo traveled all the way to Texas until it was caught.

Wildlife officials say, “One of two flamingos that escaped from a Kansas zoo during a storm 17 years ago has been spotted on the coast of Texas.”

Wildlife officials confirmed that the flamingo was caught by showing a video made by an environmental activist who caught it. Additionally, the video revealed that the flamingo was from the Kansas zoo due to the band on its leg.

“Confirmed Tuesday to The Associated Press that the African flamingo — known as No. 492 because of the number on its leg band — was captured on video shot March 10 by an environmental activist”, says The Coastal Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The flamingo was spotted in other states before being caught, but it was never sought after by the zoo. This is because the zoo didn’t want to disturb the environments where the flamingo was spotted in.

Zoo officials said, “there is no easy way to do so without disturbing other wildlife.”