The Smiths Respond after Chris Gets Rocked


Jada Pinkett and Will Smith responded to the Oscar’s situation that happened Sunday in a social media post.

At the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 27th, famous actor Will Smith slapped another actor, Chris Rock, after he made a joke about her wife’s bald head. Chris referred to her as “G.I. Jane” a character that has a bald head. I guess the joke didn’t land because moments later Will Smith ran upstage and slapped Chris Rock.

After sitting down, Will Smith said, “keep my wife’s name out of your (explicit) mouth.”

This caused lots of controversy online, even after Chris acted professionally and did not press charges. Will Smith later went on to receive the best actor award and during his acceptance speech he was crying and apologized to the Academy. He later apologized again on Instagram.

Will Smith said in a post, “Violence in all forms is poisonous and destructive. My behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and inexcusable.”

On Tuesday, Jada Pinkett Smith finally said something on social media after many memes and people saying that she was the one who influenced Will to slap Chris. Chris Rock has not said anything about the situation.

In her Instagram post, Jada said, “This is a season for healing and I’m here for it.”