The State Issue with chemically made THC

Over the past couple year this guy name Jonny Griffis invested millions of dollars in his legal marijuana farm in northern Michigan. 

But now that farm, like other licensed grows in states that have legalized marijuana, faces an existential threat: high-inducing cannabis compounds derived not from the heavily regulated and taxed legal marijuana industry, but from a chemical process involving less strictly regulated, cheaply grown hemp.

“It’s going to make our farm obsolete,” Griffis, the chief operating officer of True North Collective, testified before Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency recently. “The $3 million or so that I’ve invested … is going to be wiped out.”

The center of this issue is THC, marijuana main intoxicating component. While marijuana and hemp are the same plant, cannabis,  the main difference between the two is a legal one, and it comes down to the amount of THC in the plant, specifically this type of THC called delta-9.

Hemp had a low amount of delta-8 and is often used for clothing, “Rope not dope” was long a motto for those who advocated the legalization of hemp. Many of these have hemp in them and these products and 17 states have banned such products, but they remain available in many.Regulators shouldn’t stand in the way of market innovations or pick winners and losers in the industry

“Most growers don’t like to hear this, because they feel like it’s taking away from their market, but it’s a great product,” said Abe Fleishman, of Northstar Hemp in Oregon. “It provides an opportunity for companies to scale production, for one, and to make a new product that is, in my opinion, cleaner than your regular THC products.”

The price for delta-9 is dropping. “It’s an issue that almost every state cannabis regulator is thinking about,” said Gillian Schauer, executive director of the Cannabis Regulators Association. “It’s presenting a lot of challenges to protecting public health and consumer safety, and also to protecting existing state cannabis markets.”