China Puts New Lockdown Into Effect


China has commenced their largest COVID shutdown in 2 years because of rising cases.

In Shanghai, China, the largest shutdown in two years has started. COVID-19 is getting worse in Shanghai and they have started the lockdown to test and control the spread. Panic buying was reported and people are getting ready to start adjusting to their temporary life.

Huang Qi, a resident in Shanghai, says, “I think if the closure continues like this, our school workers will not be affected much, but what about those who work in the real economy? How can their business be maintained?”

He is talking about how some workers will have to stay at their work during the lockdown. People have packed bags and will stay at the company for the duration.

“I still hope that our society can find a better balance between ensuring normal life and epidemic prevention and control,” Huang says.

The next steps are still being planned for the area. There have been over 7000 deaths related to COVID and even though the country has an 87% vaccination rate, they might have to take steps to increase that. There are plans to initiate a mass testing, but they don’t know when.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam says, “I don’t have a timetable yet. It’s not easy to predetermine a timetable, in the same way that I don’t know how quickly the cases will come down.”

The future isn’t clear for the decrease or increase of COVID cases in China.