14 Year old Boy Falls to His Death

14 Year old Boy Falls to His Death

A 14-year old boy falls to his death on a Friday night during a vacation with his friends’ family.


Tyre Samson was on vacation in Orlando, Florida with his friend’s family. They went to the Orlando Amusement Park and were on the “Free Fall” ride.Tyre fell from the ride that was 430 feet tall.


“This is so sad and scary. I could not imagine what the family is going through,” says Maia.


The police are investigating the incident to confirm whether it was an accident or on purpose. From what they know now is that Tyre was buckled in.


“This makes me scared to ride rides at amusement parks,” says Maia.


Tyre Sampson was an honor roll student, a determined athlete, and a kind- hearted person who cared about others. It is devastating that Tyre’s life came to an end so soon when he had so much going for him.


“I could not imagine what the Sampson family is going through right now. I hope the investigators figure out what exactly happened,” says Maia.