Loris on fire?


A wildfire in Green Sea was blazing through Loris, Finklea, Green Sea, and Marion

Three different fires broke out in the Loris area this past weekend. We were on a burn ban due to the high winds. Someone started a fire just to burn a pile of trees and the wind took it and started burning a field.

Maddie Stevens says, “The fires were rapidly spreading and I couldn’t imagine being the people that had to leave their homes.”

A fire started in Finklea on Saturday early in the morning and they got it controlled. Then later that night a 100-acre fire broke out in Marion and caused many people to leave their homes. 

“These people really need to learn how to not burn when there is a burn ban in effect,” says Lauren Steele

They thankfully have gotten a bunch of this under control. Loris fire dept and Green Sea are continuing to keep this under control. They constantly have trucks and firefighters out there to make sure it stays contained.