Convicted Of Killing Michael Jordan’s Father


Daniel Green, one of two men convicted for the murder of Michael Jordan’s father in 1993 has received different treatment in prison because of who his charges are connected to, according to his attorney. the executive director of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence, and Green’s attorney.

“It’s unbelievably hard if you’re in there for something that you didn’t do. I hope people can imagine how difficult that must be, and then to be there for something you didn’t do as the murderer of Michael Jordan’s father.

Here’s the court narrative – James Jordan was traveling from Charlotte to Wilmington when he stopped on the side of the road in Lumberton to take a nap.

Green and Larry Demery, both teens at the time, then shot and killed him during a robbery.

They took his phone and the NBA jewelry gifted to him by his son, and then dumped the body in a swamp in McColl, where it was found 11 days later.