ODDINARY by Stray kids


If you’re looking for something that is out of the ordinary for music then the album ODDINARY is what you’re looking for.

ODDINARY is by a group named Stray kids, who are a korean boy-band. The genre of music is widely known as “kpop” which stands for korean pop, but that isn’t really an acquired label for this album. This album holds a range of genres from dance/electrinne, rock/alt, to even hip hop/rap. 

The album was released not that long ago on the 18th of March, with a whopping 1.3 million pre-orders. Which is crazy because this is only a Mini album, only having 7 songs on the track list. The song titles are 1.‘Venom’, 2.‘Maniac’ (title track), 3.‘Charmer’, 4.‘Freeze’, 5.‘Lonely st.’, 6.‘Waiting for us’, and lastly 7.‘Muddy water’. 

ODDINARY is Stray kids best selling album even though it’s only a mini album and that says a lot. The album offers an array of music with different styles for the listener to enjoy. The main theme of the album is how people should start expecting their odd treats because there is no such thing as “ordinary”. Stray kids already recently released two full music videos for the first two songs of the album. Venom, which is currently #13 of trending music, has 4.5million views in 2 days. Maniac being the title track of the album had 42million views in 6 days. 

Stray kids are known for their “noisy” music and always being themselves and this is something this album also portrays. They are a self-producing group which is sadly rare to find in the world of kpop. 3racha being the name for 3 main producers in the group, this helps their message even more of being yourself. 

“My friend loves the new album and it is shipped all the way from south korea and she was so happy that she about screamed through the phone when she could buy it,” says Ashlyn wilkerson. 

Now this music is not for everyone because many consider this music to be “unique” and “different” which isn’t a bad thing, but for some it may not be of taste. 

so lets talk about maniac (stray kids oddinary review) – YouTube. – Here is a really great unbiased review of the album that is easy to watch. 

Overall I think the ODDINARY album is worth a listen, but it’s not for anyone. (also Muddy Water is a needed listen).