Show review: All of Us Are Dead


All of Us Are Dead is like Train to Busan if it happened in a class and followed the teenagers exprenices. 

All of Us Are Dead is a korean drama, Zombie apocalypse, Horror fiction that has a rating of 77% on rotten tomatoes. It came out january 28 2022 and was directed by Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-su. Lee Jae-kyoo is known for his work in the television series Damo, Fashion 70’s, Beethoven Virus, and The King 2 Hearts, as well as the online movie The Influence and The Fatal Encounter.

The main leads are  Park Solomon who plays Lee Suhyeok, Park Ji-hoowho plays Nam On-jo, Cho Yi-hyun who plays Nam ra, and Yoon Chan Young who plays Lee Cheongan. You can watch the drama on Netflix. 

The drama is about a group of high school students who are trapped in their own school at ground zero of the zombie outbreak. Where they discover the outbreak and human nature. They decide they have to fight for themselves and face many challenges along the way and experience an overflow of new painful emotion. 

There have been many zombie movies and shows made in the past years and one thing that is refreshing about this one is the way the zombie outbreak occurred and how it  originated. With its creation bringing up themes of human nature, survival philosophies, and the weak vs the strong. With the outbreak only happening in one district in Korea, the military role in the show is also intriguing. The effects for the zombies were top tier with some awkward moments but overall well done. Not to mention the character and they’re relationship really made the show.

This show is very emotional with some characters that you may end up disliking and there are some slow moments in the show, but it is still mentioned to keep you entertained. All of Us Are Dead have very few negatives in my opinion. There are 12 episodes that are about an hour long each filled with plot and netflix offer and well done english dub voice over for people who aren’t fond of subtitles. 

If you’re someone who is interested in a Korean zombie show full of emotion and drama then this is the perfect show for you. It truly has everything and covers all aspects of a tv show. The show isn’t incredible or ground breaking, it is simply a great watch which will make you crave for another season which all shows should strive for. So do I think this show is worth watching? Of course, I hope you enjoy benging.