Eslabon Armado Review


The album I chose is “Corta venas” by the group Eslabon armado. I am in love with this album even though it has been overrated since last year which is what people say online and which I also agree.

This album has 24 songs out of all those songs, my favorite one is jugaste y sufri even though it is so overrated on all the social platforms. The album “Corta venas” was released december 18th, 2020.

According to google  98% percent of the people online liked this album.

Brianna says, “I love the music and I love the way they express their lyrics”.

Tamaya says, “I don’t really know this group but I just know the songs they create are so overrated that over time it gets annoying”.

I believe that the songs they create are worth the listeners’ time and money because of how in all of the songs they express the lyrics very well.

Something about the songs the group Eslabon Armado makes are all related to things that are good and bad in relationships which I like since it’s all true and I feel like I can sometimes relate to.