Wiped Out! by The Neighbourhood: A Review


The album, Wiped Out! by The Neighbourhood, is a great album!


This album is by The Neighbourhood, which is a band of five members. Wiped Out! Is an alternative album, consisting of 11 songs. It was released on October 30th, 2015 by Columbia Records. 


This album is a great alternative/r&b album. It uses beachy, eclectic tones, created by electric guitars, strong bass drums, many percussion instruments, and some acoustic guitar riffs. Tracks such as “Wiped Out!” and “Cry Baby” stand out at the beginning of the album, with their upbeat tones and lyrics. The Neighbourhood also captures emotion, though, through songs such as “Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines” and “Single”. The album’s songs can be interpreted differently, which I love. Some may think they are love songs, but others may believe they are heartbreak songs. Personally, I love the lyricism and messages in some of the songs. The lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, tells stories about his girlfriend throughout the album, which I like. The cover art is a basic, black and white print of a beach scene, including their logo. I enjoy the simplicity of the logo, and I think that the basic colorway reflects the band’s style and genre of music. 


“I have heard a few of their songs, I like all of them. The rest of their album must be good,” says Emily Gardner. 


On the other hand, though, there are some things I would change about the album. There are no featured artists on the album, which I do understand, but artists of the same genre would have fit perfectly in a song with The Neighbourhood. Personally, I enjoy all of the songs on the album, except for “A Moment of Silence”, which I don’t consider a song, but a track. “A Moment of Silence” is 30 seconds of pure silence. I do not understand the purpose of the track. I wish it had a message, or someone talking at least. 


“Their music has a soft beat, and it’s really sad, and it puts people in a depressive mood,” says Layla Barnes.


Overall, I think that the album is worth the listeners’ time and money. If you enjoy alternative, soft music, then I would definitely recommend this album!