3 For 3

3 For 3

Q: What is the most meaningful dream you’ve had and why?


A: “ I was in a building and I was riding my bike up the building and a bunch of people started running and saying to turn back, so I did. Then the ground started to break apart and it was like the void. The people who fell in the void died bro. So I was trying to get to a safe place and I swear my dreams were like a movie and my first person perspective changed. And I was a panda and the panda was eating people. The last thing I remember is a person getting eaten in front of me bro it was crazy,” says Jaden McBride


A: “I had a dream once where I was walking on the beach in the dark and a lady came up from the water and was begging for help but I yelled at her to get away because I knew she was tricking me. Then she turned into a monster and I woke up,” says Rickey Barnes.


A: “I’m not sure probably something where I was in a world where I had complete control of everything but as soon as a thought went through my head it would come true,” says Cole Hudak


Q: What shape do you see yourself as and why?


A: “I feel like a circle because most of my features are round and I feel round like a well rounded person,” says Kayla Thompson


A: “Whatever the shape of a spade is. That’s me. Because you can make a bunch of shapes with that like it can be an upside down heart or a drop if you turn it,” Katie Moormann says. 


A: “Hexagon! Cause it’s a shape I feel is yellow! And I feel yellow!” says Erik Quick


Q: Why do you think you are the way you are?


A: “Probably the way my friends are. I have a lot of their personality traits,” says Grady Thames. 


A: “I’d say living my early years in florida and growing up around certain types of people definitely had an impact. And definitely losing family members and friends definitely changed some stuff,” says Reagan Hendrick.