Minute by Minute album Review

Minute by Minute album Review

The album titled “Minute by Minute” is, in my opinion, a great album to get and listen to.

The album “Minute by Minute” is written by the American rock band named the “Doobie Brothers.” The album contained 10 songs and was released on December 1, 1978, to critical acclaim by audiences.

I have listened to some, not all, of the songs in the album, but the song that stuck out to me in the album was the song called “What a Fool Believes.” The lyrics, songs, and instrumentals were great in some of the songs that I listened to in this album.

AllMusic says, “This is where the ‘new’ Doobie Brothers really make their debut, with a richly soulful sound throughout.”

Some of the negative aspects about this album are some of the songs are hit or miss; some sound good to me, but others aren’t as good. I can’t really criticize the album that much due to not having listened to all of the songs.

Rolling Stones says, “on Minute by Minute, the continued absence of such production seems yet another symptom of the Doobies’ failure to come to grips with either their populist ideals or the imbalance of their talents.”

Personally, I think that you should listen to some of the music online before buying the album. However, I think that you will enjoy listening to some of the music on this album.