Luke Combs-What You See Is What You Get

Luke Combs-What You See Is What You Get

I think luke combs album What You See Is What You Get because it has a good message and i heard him sing this album at ccmf when i went and i really liked it.

The singer is luke combs, its one of his albums, it came out in 2019, its a country album, it has 19 songs and people have sold so many of this album.

my favorite songs from this album are, beer never broke my heart, lovin’ on you, even though im leaving, 1,2 many, etc etc.

 Positive Quote from graham about the album,” i always here it on the boat and it reminds him of summer.

Negative quote from jonathan about the album,”its not as good as the others and its too slow.

I think that this album is a good thing to listen to and a good songs in the album and people should buy it