Jordan Davis!!


Jordan Davis is an amazing singer and his album is just perfect.

Jordan Davis is a country singer who is a little new to the country world. His album, Home State, was released in 2018 and it sold 16,900 copies in the US as of August 2018. It has 12 songs in it and the two best songs on it, in my opinion, are “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” and “Leaving New Orleans”.

All of his songs I feel really relate to his life growing up. He has a wife and most of his songs are about the meeting which is the cutest thing. In all of his songs, he has really good pats where it’s just the guitarist playing, and it’s incredible. The cover of this album and really all of them are so cool.

Maddie Stevens says, “his songs and album are just the best to listen to.”

One negative is that there just isn’t a lot of songs on any of Jordan Davis’s albums.

Lauren Steele says, “he is just isn’t my forte singer so I dont really listen to him a lot.”

Overall I think that his album is worth the time and money. All the songs are just really upbeat and make you get into a good mood. Jordan Davis, just overall is such a nice person. Actually met him at CCMF!! He signed my shirt.