Dangerous: The Double Album

Dangerous: The Double Album

The album Dangerous: the double album by Morgan Wallen is one of the best albums in country music. 


Morgan Wallen released Dangerous: the double album on January 8th, 2021. The album has 41 songs and there are 3.2 million units sold. 


The album has a fun mix of instruments and has a variety of happy upbeat songs and some slower songs. Some of the songs like “Neon Eyes”, “Dangerous”, “More Surprised Than Me”, “Somebody’s Problem”, “Cover Me Up”, and “Silverado For Sale” are in this album. 


The album has some guest features from Chris Stapleton and Ben Burgess. Its cover photo isn’t anything special, it’s not boring, but it’s not super unique either. 


“Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous album is something that I can’t over play. All of his songs are so good” says Camryn Navey. 


The only negative aspect of this album is that on every song there’s the same instruments being used just a different rhythm. 


“I just wish he used some different instruments and not the same ones over and over again.” says Lauren Steele. 


Overall this is a great album that I would recommend to everyone!