Mitski’s “Laurel Hell” Album Review


“Laurel Hell” was a great album in my opinion. Laurel Hell is the sixth studio album by Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski, released on February 4, 2022, through Dead Oceans.

The album has been characterized as a record blending synth-pop, indie pop, and electronic rock styles. According to Mitski, the album title is a folk term for being trapped in thickets of laurel that grow in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

There are 11 tracks on her new album and the album length is 32:25, her amount of monthly streams on Spotify are 8.5 million listeners.

  • “She Really slayed this album. Same as always, this album seems very personal to her. Also, I really liked the synth element Mitski used in this album, it is very fun and fresh, and clean.”- Jia Xi Yan

The only negative aspect I have about this album is that I wish it would have been longer, an hour-long at least.

Overall I do think that people should listen to this album, it’s on Spotify and I do think that it’s worth the time if you have free time on your hands, if you like that type of music.