Life Changes By Thomas Rhett!!


Thomas Rhett’s 2017 album, “Life Changes” is one of the best to exist!

Thomas Rhett is a 31 year old country singer whose songs are mainly about his wife and four daughters. His Life Changes album features songs written about his wife Lauren, the adoption of their daughter Willa Gray from Uganda and the birth of their biological daughter Ada James, Life Changes became a snapshot of Rhett’s journey over the past decade. It was released on September 8th, 2017. It has 14 tracks which all share a different life experience.

“I also love this album. The way Thomas Rhett incorporates his kids is really cool and I think it creates a wholesome vibe.” says country lover, Maddie Stevens.

However, since this whole album relates to Thomas Rhett’s life specifically, it can be hard for other listeners to relate to his lyrics.

“Listen, the man’s good at what he’s good at: making music. The sappy family stuff can be cute to others but it’s too much to me.” says Bruce Wilson.

Aside from the negative review, I do think that this album is worth the money and something a lot of listener’s will enjoy!